Monday, 24 October 2011

The best way to an epic Yorkie Pud!!

Ok! My first top tip. So many people have asked me ''Oi! Cookery Dad!  How do I go about making a show stopping Yorkie Pud?'' Well for one I never cheat and sell my soul to the 'Auntie Christ' Bessie!! No! No! No! Yorkshire pudding can be so easy but so many people try too hard and end up with a cake so here we go eyes down. Now, I  am not one for making individual Yorkies when I'm doing one with a roast as any left over can be successfully frozen in a freezer bag and used again if you fancy a meal for 2 that you need to pad out, by just chucking it back in the oven with whatever meat you are about to serve approximately 4 minutes before serving, or you can mince it with left over meat  and veg to make the base for a leftovers cottage pie, but more of that later. Right, the recipe, for 6 to 8 people, without boring weights!
3 coffee mugs of plain flour.
3 large eggs
pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of English mustard
Semi skimmed milk to thin mixture.
Add flour to a large mixing bowl, beat in the eggs, salt and mustard. Now keep beating the thick paste to introduce air into it as you add the milk bit by bit until the mixture is slightly thicker than double cream or engine oil if you are a true petrolhead. Keep beating preferably with a whisk to put as much air into the mixture as you can, this will create lift.
Now in a fairly shallow roasting tin, preferably the one you roast the lamb or beef in after you have removed the residual roasting juices for the gravy, put a large knob of beef dripping or a big glug of vegetable oil in then heat pan at the top of the oven at the highest heat possible. When smoking hot, take out and pour the Yorkie Pud batter in quickly covering the pan, re-introduce to the oven and turn down to gas mark 7 or about 200 degrees c, step back pour yourself a beer/wine and watch that sucker rise. Take out when entire pud is stiff and brown and lovely. Well done pat yourself on the back and take the applause you Pud Meister you!!

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